Shingle Roofing Installation: What to Expect from Start to Finish

If your home is in need of a new roof, you may be considering shingle roofing as an attractive and durable option. As experienced shingle roofers at Steadfast Roofing Group, we want to walk you through the entire process of a shingle roofing installation so you know exactly what to expect from start to finish. While there are other options like metal roofing to consider, shingle roofing remains one of the most popular choices for residential homes. And if you have a flat roof that needs repair, we can help with that too. But for now, let’s focus on what’s involved in a typical shingle roofing job.

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Estimate

The process begins when you reach out to us for a roofing consultation and estimate. One of our knowledgeable shingle roofers will come out to your home to assess the scope of work. We’ll take measurements, discuss shingle options, and provide you with a detailed estimate for the job. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions, voice any concerns, and make sure you feel confident in choosing us as your roofing contractor.

During the consultation, we’ll also discuss the anticipated timeline for the project. A typical shingle roofing installation takes anywhere from 1-3 days for an average size single-family home, but it depends on the size and complexity of your roof. If your home has a very steep pitch or multiple levels, it may take a bit longer. Inclement weather can also cause delays. We’ll do our best to provide an accurate time estimate based on our evaluation.

Step 2: Preparing for Installation Day

Once you approve the estimate and schedule the job, it’s time to prepare for installation day. There are a few things you can do to get ready:

  • Clear your driveway as much as possible so we have a place to park our trucks and stage our tools and materials. Let us know in advance if there are any restrictions on parking or noise in your neighborhood.
  • Protect any delicate items in your attic or upper floors. While we do our best to minimize disturbances, hammering and vibrations can cause items to shift on shelves. It’s best to remove or secure fragile valuables ahead of time.
  • Trim back tree branches that are close to your roof line. This will give our shingle roofers unobstructed access to your roof and help prevent damage to your landscaping and our equipment.
  • Make plans to keep children and pets indoors while work is underway for their safety. Roofing work involves heavy equipment, sharp tools, and falling debris, so it’s important to steer clear of the work zone.
  • Notify your neighbors as a courtesy. Let them know the dates of your roofing project in case they need to adjust their own plans around any noise or traffic disruptions.

Step 3: Removing the Old Roofing Materials

With preparations complete, the first step in the actual shingle roofing installation is to remove the old roofing materials. Our crew will start by tarping the ground around your home to catch debris and protect your landscaping. We’ll remove the old shingles or other roofing material section by section, along with all the old underlay, flashings, and drip edging. This is a noisy and dusty process, but we’ll do our best to contain the mess.

As we remove the old materials, our shingle roofers will inspect the exposed roof decking for any signs of rot, sagging, or other damage. If repairs are needed, we’ll bring them to your attention and discuss the best way to proceed. In some cases, damaged decking can be patched, while severe damage may require replacing whole sheets of plywood.

Once the old materials are removed and repairs are made, we’ll sweep the decking clean and make sure it’s structurally sound before proceeding. Thorough preparation is key to a successful shingle roofing installation.

Step 4: Installing the New Shingle Roof

With the old roof removed and the decking prepared, we’re ready to start installing your new shingle roof. Here’s a look at what that process entails:

  • Installing drip edging: This L-shaped strip of metal is nailed along the edge of the roof decking to guide water off the eaves and away from the fascia.
  • Laying ice and water shield: In colder climates where ice dams are a concern, self-adhering ice and water shield is applied along the eaves and in valleys to provide an extra barrier against leaks.
  • Applying the underlayment: Next, we roll out and secure the underlayment, which is typically an asphalt-saturated felt that provides an additional layer of protection between the shingles and decking.
  • Installing flashings: Flashings are metal strips that are used to seal and weatherproof areas where the roof meets chimneys, vents, skylights, or dormers. Proper flashing is essential for preventing leaks.
  • Installing starter shingles: The first row of shingles, known as starter shingles, are trimmed to size and nailed along the eave edge. These provide a solid base for the first full course of shingles.
  • Laying the shingles: With the starter course in place, our shingle roofers will begin laying the shingles row by row, working their way up the roof. Shingles are nailed in an overlapping pattern for maximum protection against wind uplift and rain.
  • Installing ridge caps: The final step is to install the ridge caps along the peak of the roof where the two sides meet. Ridge caps are pre-bent shingles that are nailed over the joints for a finished look and an extra layer of defense.

Throughout the installation process, our experienced crew will be meticulous in their craftsmanship. We use high-quality materials and techniques that meet or exceed industry standards to ensure your new shingle roof will provide lasting beauty and protection for your home.

Step 5: Final Inspection and Cleanup

With the new shingle roofing fully installed, we’ll conduct a thorough final inspection to make sure every detail meets our high standards. We’ll check that all the flashings are properly sealed, the shingles are lying flat and straight, and there are no gaps or defects.

Once we’re satisfied with the quality of the installation, we’ll begin the cleanup process. Our crew will sweep the roof clean of any loose nails or debris, and we’ll use magnets to find and remove any stray nails from your lawns and landscaping. We’ll haul away all the old roofing materials and construction waste, leaving your property clean and tidy.

Finally, we’ll sit down with you to review the details of the job and make sure you’re completely satisfied with the results. We’ll provide information on how to care for and maintain your new shingle roof, as well as go over any manufacturer’s warranties. Our own workmanship is guaranteed, so you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Why Choose Steadfast Roofing Group for Your Shingle Roofing Needs?

At Steadfast Roofing Group, we’re committed to providing top-quality shingle roofing installations and exceptional customer service. Here are a few reasons why homeowners trust us for their roofing needs:

  • Experience: Our team of shingle roofers has years of hands-on experience installing shingle roofs on homes of all sizes and styles. We have the knowledge and skills to handle any roofing challenge.
  • Quality Materials: We only use premium shingle roofing products from trusted manufacturers like GAF, CertainTeed, and Owens Corning. These high-performance shingles are designed for lasting beauty, durability, and weather resistance.
  • Attention to Detail: From the initial consultation through the final cleanup, we take a meticulous approach to every aspect of the job. Our shingle roofers are trained to spot potential issues and take proactive steps to prevent leaks, damage, and premature wear.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer fair and competitive pricing for our shingle roofing services without compromising on quality. We’ll work with you to find a roofing solution that fits your budget and delivers long-term value for your home.
  • Strong Warranty: In addition to any manufacturer’s warranties on the shingle roofing products, we provide a 10-year workmanship guarantee on our shingle roofing installations. If any issues arise due to installation errors, we’ll make it right at no cost to you.

While shingle roofing is our specialty, we’re also experienced in other types of roofing, including metal roofing and flat roof repair. If you have a flat roof that needs attention, our team can assess the damage and recommend the best course of action, whether that’s a patch, an overlay, or a full replacement.

No matter what type of roofing services you need, you can count on the Steadfast Roofing Group to deliver exceptional results. We’re committed to being your trusted partner in protecting your home and providing a roof you can be proud of for years to come.

If you’re considering a shingle roofing installation for your home, we invite you to contact Steadfast Roofing Group for a consultation and estimate. One of our friendly shingle roofers will be happy to answer your questions, discuss your options, and help you choose the best shingle roofing solution for your needs and budget. Don’t wait until your old roof fails – call us today and let us help you upgrade to a beautiful, durable new shingle roof.



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