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Pittsburgh residents can now breathe easier courtesy of the new roofing company in town: Steadfast Roofers! Boasting not only high-quality siding installation but also professional window repair and gutter cleaning solutions on top of their already impressive list of offerings.

This dedicated team has undoubtedly made it their mission to serve our community with pride and dignity each day they’re at work. So don’t wait – give them a ring today so you too can finally enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that these professionals will be there when you need them most!”

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In the construction industry, our BBB roofing contractors have been serving the greater Pittsburgh area for a combination of over 70+ years! We are a locally owned and operated business from the Cranberry Township—Pennsylvania area (butler county). Serving the greater Pittsburgh region and surrounding areas, we have derived from a family-owned and operated business with three generations of remodeling and construction experience. The owner of steadfast custom construction, Brian Celender, has been in the construction field for almost 20 years.

While bringing personal expertise to the business, he has a personal background in architectural drafting, exterior construction, concrete construction, excavation, new construction, electrical, framing, drywall, cabinetry, flooring, tile, and more. Roofers at Work -“I always strive to learn every aspect of the job at hand. That way, to have a real thought out of the finished product, you would know what exactly the final product is going to be even from the beginning. These are the same characteristics we look for in our employees as well.” 

We employ a team of BBB roofing contractors with a construction background in each of their specific jobs. Our team takes pride in every product we put out to deliver ideal roofing done right along with our personal on the job training. We work to become unique in our way by providing our customers with the ability to be true designers. Not only do Allison park contractors enjoy standard construction projects, but we also love to dive into custom designs and applications because it’s the custom details that create that “Wow” factor.

Siding contractor in Pittsburgh

Siding Services

Siding is a major part of the outside of your house. It is not only a huge part of the aesthetic of your home, but it also defends your house from the elements. When you work with us, you can be sure you hire a siding contractor in Pittsburgh that you can count on when installing some new siding. 

Homeowners consistently choose steadfast exteriors as their preferred siding contractors in Pittsburgh. We know that you can depend on our premium goods, our installation’s professionalism, the honesty of our promises, and the high standard of personalized support that we offer. This is why we are the top corporations providing exterior home improvements. There has been a great deal of variety for material, colors, and designs for siding Pittsburgh. Whatever material you choose for your siding, you are confident that your home looks best and is safe from the elements.

Windows Repair & Maintenance

Like other building structures, wear and tear take a toll on the windows of your home. Windows should be replaced after 20 years. An inspection of the windows must be part of your routine home repair checklist. Performance loss of older windows will increase heating and cooling costs. When the time comes to replace your windows, invest in effective thermal replacement windows in Pittsburgh to decrease your monthly electricity usage, and make your family healthy all year round.

You know your windows need replacement if you see condensation between the panes of glass. You notice faded areas in your carpet or furniture due to ultraviolet rays penetrating through the windows, or your windows are difficult to open and close. It’s time to fix them before your windows cost you money and risk your family’s comfort and protection. Choose to provide standard windows and technical support to the replacement windows Pittsburgh provider.

Windows Replacement In Pittsburgh
Gutter repair in Pittsburgh

Gutters Repair & Maintenance

Steadfast exteriors provide seamless gutters in Pittsburgh by installing roofing systems that prevent rainwater from your house. However, the job is not complete without adding an equally effective rinsing device for safe drainage of the water from your house. It is critical for the water from entering your home to prevent a properly operating gutter and drainage system that causes flooding and structural damage. Steadfast exteriors provide complete gutter services and gutter repair in Pittsburgh that include:

  • Inspection
  • Adjustment
  • Downspouts
  • Replacement
  • Gutter Protection Systems

Doors Installation & repair

Your exterior home improvement has a key impact on your house’s curb appeal, hence its resale value. A poorly-fitted, uninsulated door might lose a significant portion of your home’s heating and cooling energy. This can have major consequences for your home’s convenience, appeal, and energy efficiency.

Replace the regular 36-inch front door on your house with a double door logo, one of the latest trends for home renovation right now. This one adjustment will significantly increase the attractiveness and resale value of your house. The doors we sell in Pittsburgh are not only appealing but also moisture-insulated to boost your home’s energy quality. The doors are also designed to have the look that you choose. No more drafts and no more outdated exteriors.

Door Improvement in Pittsburgh
Rain Gutter Choices In Pittsburgh

Aluminum Gutter System

We mount seamless aluminum gutters due to their longevity, strength, and value. Gutters and drains are sized to handle the expected water volume without overfilling and flushing while being proportional to your residence. Steadfast Roofing Siding and Exteriors reflect an outstanding investment for any home and improve both the house’s attractiveness and reselling value. This form of change in the home returns to homeowners sometimes up to 83% of the original investment. 

Aluminum sewage systems deliver much higher output than a vinyl system as one of the longest estimated life cycles of all systems. An aluminum gutter lasts up to 20 years compared to vinyl with a lifespan of 10 years. An aluminum gutter is much less likely to leak than other gutters since the system is transparent. Aluminum gutters are also less likely to break and drop, which provides the highest value on any home normally with a 10-year leak guarantee.

Rain Gutter Choices

Our gutter repair services in Pittsburgh provide you with smooth aluminum gutter systems made in your house by an insured residential contractor. It is ideal for every house’s pitch and roof dimensions in the Pittsburgh area, with five-inch and six-inch trough options. All new gutters are tilted and are made to last each 16 to 24 inches with secret fasteners for seamless gutters in Pittsburgh. It means the water flows correctly up and down the gutter channel, eliminating tanking and flooding. Steadfast exteriors provide a wide 3×4 downspout to protect a 6-inch rinse trough and decrease the chance of blockage when handling a higher amount of water. Baked-on enamel finishes on your new gutter will add an ultimate accent to your lovely home and can be purchased in a variety of colors.

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